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Updated: Tuesday, March 31, 2009

¤ NEW—DEX-COOL 2007®, Forward (Read first, please)
NEW—DEX 2007, Part 1: Revising A Less-Than-Accurate Report
¤ NEWDEX 2007, Part 1a: 5.7L V8 Engine Sludge and Gasket Change
¤ NEW—DEX 2007, Part 2: Revising Continues, But What's 2-EHA?
¤ NEW—DEX 2007, Part 3: Now It’s All Up To The Judges and Juries
¤ NEW—DEX 2007, Part 3a: General Motors DEX-COOL Memos

¤ Great Old Article Newly Posted: Cooling Systems Hate Your Favorite Drinking Water! (It answers "What type of water is best for mixing with your coolant?")

GM Under Legal Fire For DEX-COOL® Related Problems
   (3+Mb Acrobat file)

¤ Affordable Cooling System Flush Water Disposal
EXTRA! EXTRA! Glysantin® Invades North America
¤ Recommended SCA Usage by Vehicle Manufacturer
¤ Part I: Choosing and Using an SCA (Supplemental Cool...
¤ Part II: SCA Tech Talk (More than you want to know...
¤ MACS 2001: GM and Texaco “Bare All” about DEX-COOL®
¤ John Brunner's review of GM DEX-COOL Training Video
¤ How many coolants do you need to you need to stock?
¤ Why Do Good Radiators Go Bad Quickly?
Comparing Pencool To Fleetguard SCAs

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