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NP Help needed: 2004 Chevy Silverado A/C not cooling in hot, humid conditions
(July/August 2004) The local GM dealer cannot make this new vehicle cool on 90 degree days
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NP autoacforum.com Bulletin Board

¤ Porsche 928 Refrigerant Fire
¤ Auto A/C Diagnosis. Quick, Easy and Guaranteed!
(April/June 2005) "Guaranteed" A/C Diagnostic Procedures
¤ The First Online A/C Bulletin Board
(December 2005) How Chris Bede "started" aircondition.com
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¤ Autoacsystems.com A/C Bulletin Board (Dec 05)
¤ Autoacforum.com A/C Bulletin Board (Dec 05)
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¤ Chart of EPA Accepted Alternative Refrigerants
EPA's SNAP Program as of May 1, 2001
¤ Though summer ends… business must go on!
(December 2005) Ways to help increase business and keep the shop busy this coming “off season.” (Not applicable during June through August (in some parts of the world).)
¤ A/C Controllers Are Repairable! (large Acrobat file)
(January/February 2002) Fixing the electronic controller on '97 to 2001 Malibu's can save the customer a lot of money, by "Nacho" Corella.
¤ "R-12 Retrofitting: Are we really doing it because DuPont’s patent for Freon® ran out?"
(May/August 2001) The facts about who holds patents on what refrigerants
¤ "Trouble finding A/C leaks? (especially with 134a)"
(May/August 2001) Leak checking A/C systems with Nitrogen
¤ Part 1: Air Conditioning Sealants: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde to the system?
(March/April 2001) Q & A with a/c system sealer manufacturers
¤ Part 2: Air Conditioning Sealants, Stop Leaks, Leak Stops, etc. — Do You Use Them Or Not?
(July/October 2003) More technical information about a/C sealers, including quotes from several A/C shop owners and technicians
¤ Refrigerant Leak in Ford Explorer? Check the Accumulator
(March/April 2001) Mysterious refrigerant in late model Ford Explorers
¤ How To Maximize A/C Cooling From A Denso 6C17 Compressor
(March/April 2001) Successful, low-cost, R-134a retrofit in early Chrysler Minivans
¤A/C Tech Tip: Redirecting Misdirected Cool Air in GM C & H Cars
(March/April 2001) Chilled air coming from wrong vents? Here's why…and how to fix
¤Phew…hey your air conditioner sure stinks!
(January/February 2001) Moldy air can unhealthy besides foul smelling!
¤ Minimum A/C Equipment (In California)
(September/December 2000 by I.M Cool) New Rules For Calif A/C Service Shops In 2001
¤ Heads Up: New Heavy Duty A/C Fitting
(July/August 2000) by Chris Bede)
¤ The Smart VOV, is it the refrigerant control of the future
(November/December 1997) Part 1 of a multipart series of interviews with Dick Kozinski, inventor of the Variable Orifice Valve
Refrigerant Basics: Definitions
(November/December 1997) Part 1a of the series below
¤ The Smart VOV versus the FOT
(January/February 1998) Part 2 of the series above
¤ The Flooded Evaporator
(March/April 1998) Part 3 of the series above
¤ “Enhanced A/C Performance With The Smart VOV™”
(March/April 1999) Documented performance of FOT to VOV conversion in '95 Burb
¤ Update: Enhanced A/C Performance…Smart VOV™
(July/October 1999) Technical question and performance update from Burb owner

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Below are two air conditioning links to the actual California State laws regarding "Minimum A/C Equipment" shown above. Note that the state keeps changing the web addresses of these links, so you may have to search a little further when searching for them.

§3351.6. Equipment Requirements for Automotive Air Conditioning Repair Dealers
Here's a direct link to the online California regulations describing the minimum equipment required to perform a/c service in CA.
§3366. Automotive Air Conditioning

This one calls out the minimum work that must be done when performing a/c service in CA.

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