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Arizona Mobile Air, Inc
By John R. Hess
From December 2005, Cool Profit$ Magazine (#61)
© 2006 All Rights Reserved
Here’s another popular A/C Bulletin Board that comes to you from Arizona. (Nice place for A/C.) You can browse it for free, but to post questions or answers you will need to register. (click for larger images)
Notice that some of the subjects posted by registered users show their dates and replies.

Click to see typical Bulletin Board index
Notice the helpful information within the General Information block: 1 user was online at 7:46 am on January 2, 2006 (not me, but I was one of the 12 browsers and then picked up this screen shot while I was there). But on Saturday, July 2, 2005, there were 433 folks all reading and keyboarding on this site…at the same time!  

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