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Heads Up:
New Heavy Duty
A/C Fitting
by Chris Bede
Webmaster of www.aircondition.com
Appeared July/August 2000 Cool Profit$ Magazine
© 2000 All Rights Reserved
I usually try to keep pace with industry news, and when encountering something out of the ordinary, it's usually a product that I have read about months in advance. Today’s discovery would be different.

While servicing an a/c system on a local transit bus, I stumbled across a new type of refrigerant hose fitting, which was unique because it lacked the standard Beadlock style crimp collar. The collar looked more like the thin band clamp that you would expect to find on the boot of a CV shaft. The installed a/c system was manufactured by Trans/Air (www.transairmfg.com), and the hose was made by Aeroquip®, but that’s about all I knew at that point. So, I grabbed my digital camera, got a couple of shots, and began working the phone. As someone who specializes in HD a/c service, I knew that I would end up seeing this fitting again, and wanted the information and tools to service it. I wondered, could this be the solution to all of those leaky discharge fittings that we have seen in recent years?

Above: New A/C refrigerant hose, fitting, clamp and pliers system from Aeroquip is targeted to high end applications. It’s advantage is that no external power, other than a human hand, is needed to make seal connection.

Trans/Air confirmed that, in fact, the fitting, hose and clamps are all part of a new Aeroquip system called E-Z Clip™. For Trans/Air, this premium product is a customer-specified option.

Above: Sample of the components for a #12 system. Assembly is accomplished in 7 steps: 1. Cut the hose; 2. Slip on two clips; 3. Oil the fitting’s nipple (this must be done); 4. Insert nipple into hose; 5. Snap on the cage; 6. Slide the clips; and 7. Close the clips (with the FT 1357 Pliers).

A phone call was made to Aeroquip, and they sent me out a copy of their E-Z Clip System brochure, #JA869. As part of the overall system, there are at least 34 fittings by my count, covering both R-12 and R-134a. It has been designed to work only with Aeroquip GH 134 (4 layer) hose. The hose, fittings, cages and slide clips cover sizes 6 through 12. A special pair of pliers, part number FT-1357, is all that’s needed for assembly/ disassembly. Mystery solved!

Remember, you saw it first in Cool Profit$! $$$

For more information about Aeroquip’s E-Z Clip System, call 419-891-7720. Or, email request to: dorisashowalter@eaton.com
Above: Nose of the E-Z Clip Pliers needs to be firmly seated under the assembly bump and lock latch.

Above: E-Z Clip System Tool Case

Editor: Chris Bede is a 14-year certified technician who doubles as the webmaster of www.aircondition.com. His bulletin board is one of the most active for a/c questions and comments on the web. Check it out. Go to site and click “Straight to the Board.”

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