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Draft: CO2 Cap & Trade:
A No-Proof Regulating Plan Using CO2 Whores, Johns and Pimps

By John R. Hess
Will appear soon in Cool Profit$ Magazine (#64)
2007 All Rights Reserved
Suppose you're a governmental enforcer or elected legislator and you believe an industry in your purview is doing something bad (or wrong). You'd really like to shut it down, or get it to change its ways, but you have no actual proof of harmfulness. In 2007 what's your best shot at regulating (controlling, taxing, fining, defeating, etc.) this industry into submission? Answer: Cap and Trade.

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You see, if the overseeing bureaucracy really HAD THE PROOF of bad they would simply write the regulations and that would be it. (Within three or four years, anyway.)

An example is when the copper/brass tin/lead radiator manufacturing and repair industry started noticing employee illnesses resembling lead poisoning, and then identified them as such. Soon, OSHA investigators were searching our businesses for sources of soluble lead and its path into our bodies, which they quickly found. Within no time, worker blood-lead limits were set and specific lead handling procedures established and enforced nationwide.

Yes, there were initial grumbles from those affected, like "I can eat that stuff and it won't hurt me." But the industry soon began controlling their lead; shop owners either eliminated it from their workplace or established cleaner (and properly ventilated) working facilities. (Cleaning radiator tanks with a wire wheel became a no-no.) Many learned how to use alternatives like lead-free solder. Of course, the big reason for less lead health problems in radiators was because the industry switched to aluminum cores and crimped on plastic tanks. (Which has pretty much killed the traditional radiator repair business.)

Back to CO2 and Global Warming
Virtually all climatologists and other scientists concede that human activity  contributes to our the earth's greenhouse effect and therefore adds some amount of heat into our air (Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming (hereafter AGW)). But that's where it ends; there certainly is no consensus among that same group that the added heat is out of control or that it is harmful to us or our climate. The "AGW is harmful" proponents have no definitive proof of the supposed harm. What they have instead is computer models depicting very slight rising temperatures around the world, melting of glacial ice and consequent rises of sea levels. Remember, computer models are based a lot on the "best guess" of the person using the computer. As of today, more and more scientists are producing more and more studies showing the inaccuracies of the AGW-promoting studies.

Next: What is Cap and Trade really comprised of?
Down and dirty: Cap and Trade is a system for controlling the smokestack emissions (
COmainly) from power producing companies (including municipalities). It can, however, be extended to cover almost any significant product producer. In it, an all-powerful central agency determines how much emissions each of these companies can emit and issues them a permit so stating.

If the emitter can cut back on their emissions they are free to sell their unused portion to other companies who are unable to live within their allotted amount. It also permits various companies to act as agents for those wanting to sell or buy emission credits. Therein lies the CO2 whores, Johns and pimps....Unfinished          $$$

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