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Part 4: Take The Global Warming Quiz!
(or at least ask a Global Warming teacher to take it)

(Forward from the editor, about this series)
by Richard C Kozinski, December 2004
Appeared in Magazine 58, the November/December 2004 edition of Cool Profit$ Magazine
o you have a science student in your family? If so, ask them to pose these questions to their science teachers at school (especially the environmentalist type). Be sure they get copies of the teacher's answers. (If they'll give them out.)

Q1. Some scientists warn that global warming could melt enough glacier ice to raise sea level 3ft in one hundred years. How many square miles of ice, 1ft thick, must melt every year, for one hundred years, to achieve this rise of sea level? (This melting must be over and above melting of glacier snowfall and must also run into the oceans.)
Choose from: A. 1000 sq miles, B. 100,000 sq miles, C. 1,000,000 sq miles, D. 5,000,000 sq miles

Q2. The Greenland and Antarctica glaciers combined possess 99% of the ice on earth. Are they:
Choose from: A. Stable and possibly expanding, B. Melting and Shrinking, C. Disappearing and almost gone, D. Evaporating at an alarming rate?

Q3. The combined area of these two glaciers is how much?
Choose from: A. 100,000 sq miles, B. 500,000 sq miles, C. 1 million sq miles D. 5+ million sq miles

Q4. Solar heat impinging on the ocean surface is 385 watts/M2 (square meter). 150 watts is direct solar radiation, while 235 watts is the contribution of the natural green house effect. This heat inflow is balanced by heat outflow. 300 watts/M2 is emittance, 75 watts/M2 is evaporation and 10 watts/M2 is heat transfer to air.

Scientists predict global warming could increase heat inflow by 2 watts/M2. How much does evaporation have to increase to balance this amount?
Choose from: A. Less than 3%, B. 5%, C. 10%, D. 12.5%

Q5. According to IPCC reports, how much has precipitation increased (or decreased) in the northern hemisphere since 1900?
Choose from: A. -2%, B. +2%, C. -5%, D. +5 to +10%

Q6. If evaporation and precipitation are related, should the ocean have cooled or heated in the last 100 years? (Assume worldwide precipitation has increased similar to that of question 5.)
Choose from: Cooled or Heated.

Q7. Heat emittance is proportionate to the fourth power of Rankine temperature. Assume the ocean is at 300° Rankine and emittance is at 300 Watts/M2. How much does temperature have to increase to balance a 2 watt/M2 increase in greenhouse affect?
Choose from: A. Less than 1°C, B. 2°C, C. 3 °C, D. 5°C

Q8. If ocean temperature at the surface were to rise 6°C, how much would emittance rise? (Use data from Question 7.)
Choose from: A. 2 watts/M2, B. 5 watts/M2, C. 10 watts/M2, D. 25 watts/M2

Why are these questions important to us?
We know that it's highly unlikely for the average engine cooling or air conditioning system technician, or auto service business owner to be able to pass this test (or even understanding parts of it). However, the California EPA has announced that they will be requiring another new refrigerant to be foisted on you and your customers in the not-so-distant future. Why? Because of issues like Man-Induced Global Warming is supposedly accelerating the melting our glaciers.

The cost of another such changeover will be in the billion$, and it will come out of all of our wallets. But if we are going to pay that much, we should at least KNOW for sure that:
1) the Globe is truly warming,
2) that Man is truly the cause, and
3) that the extra money we have to spend will actually relieve or reverse this bad condition.

We must refuse to pay for guesses when the expenditures are this enormous; and the bureaucrats and lawmakers must know that.

To make sure that we do not allow elected officials to inflict this burden of us, our children, and their children, we all must ask the proper questions and recognize the correct, or incorrect, answers. The bureaucrats should know that they must justify their actions before enacting inappropriate laws.

Quite simply, Environmentalists, Scientists, Science Teachers and Bureaucrats (including agencies like Cal EPA) should have to prove their claims that man is causing our global climate to warm, and, that man can fix it!

Check out Me Thinks, page 38, of the November/December 2004 issue of Cool Profit$ Magazine for the answers to these questions.

And, your comments are welcome, whether pro or con with what’s been stated here.    $$$

Those wishing to comment on Mr. Kozinski’s writings are encouraged to do so. Differing facts and opinions are welcome. Please respond to the editor.

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