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From the editor:
About Richard Kozinski's Global Warming Articles
by John R. Hess, Editor of Cool Profit$ Magazine
This article appeared in the May/June 2004 edition
© 2004 All Right Reserved
ot in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being a part of this story. Near the end of last March (2004), I asked Dick Kozinski if he would do a little piece on Global Warming. I had remembered last year when he told me that fifteen years ago, he had actually worked on a government panel about how Global Warming related to the Great Lakes. Dick mentioned that he would someday like to share his experiences, especially about the incompetence he saw on this panel.

Even so, Dick at first denied my March request, saying he had too much on his plate. The next day, though, he called and said yes, he would do a short report. It would concentrate on future A/C system designs, like those using CO2. (CO2 is being considered because R-134a is a green house gas and the Europeans want to ban it.)

It so happens that Dick mentioned the plans for this article to a young engineer friend who works for one of the companies Dick consults for. The friend was astonished that Dick would go that far afield from his expertise, and became concerned he could really hurt his credibility if he wasn’t accurate. So, that friend assembled about two inches of Global Warming reference material off the Internet and gave it to Dick.

Within a day, Dick discovered that rainfall and ocean heat storage was not even being considered in any of the scenarios, which he felt was a critical mistake. He contacted a TV meteorologist who told him in 22 years he had never heard of this “storage” theory. This encouraged Dick to do a few more calculations, and these resulted in his theory that there may be NO Global Warming. In fact, Global Cooling could be occurring!

In the report, Dick says that the climate is about impossible to calculate with what we can measure accurately, such as rainfall, ocean temperature and evaporation and heat input from earth’s core to the ocean. As example, just 3/8th of an inch difference of ocean evaporation in ten years will balance ten years of man-made heat. This is amazing. His report, which took five days to research and write, is now at the U.S. Department of Energy, the Academy of Science, and the EPA.

In discussions with various climatologists, Dick has come to the conclusion that some of these people are actually using a sundial, while assuring everyone they have an atomic clock. He wants a congressional inquiry where the scientists are required to prove their theories, and, he wants to be part of the team asking the questions.

Dick says it’s unbelievable how these circumstances happened, and as for me, I’m just happy to be part of it. If Dick’s theory is correct, it will at minimum play a big role in the U.S. job scenario, while having a major impact on what you, shop owners and technicians, might otherwise have been forced to endure.

He knows he is trying to prove the world is round, and to expect that those who think it is flat will attack. Government agencies are staffed with attorneys—people who have been trained to consider only the opinions of experts. He hopes to prove that some of these so-called certified experts aren’t. At age 64, it sounds like Dick is sort of looking forward to a little excitement. Dick’s report will be carried in Cool Profit$ Magazine in probably three installments. I say probably because it’s possible that new evidence will be uncovered during the story’s development, and Dick reserves the right to edit when appropriate. Feel free to ask questions and present alternative opinions at anytime. But in any case, enjoy!

Part 2 of this series will explain the basics of GW and the “Greenhouse Effect” and will appear in the July/August issue of Cool Profit$ Magazine. Here's the link to the subscription page for the Print version:
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